Modulight Semiconductor Processing

Modulight Semiconductor Processing

Modulight creates semiconductor lasers for medical devices, satellites, automotive LIDARs, fiber lasers, telecom diagnostic equipment, diagnostic technology, and many others. Modulight 40,000-sq.ft diode laser fab was opened in 2001. Modulight has over 18 years’ experience of diode lasers: high-power CW, QCW and pulsed lasers, transmitter lasers, DFBs, lasers for OTDR, LIDAR, and many others.

At Modulight, we also assemble modules and systems in-house.  We are experts in designing, testing, and manufacturing lasers for advanced solutions. This requires custom mounting, built-for-use test setups, or semiconductor masks that are used for in-wafer testing.

Laser development begins with design and epitaxial growth. Grown wafer lots are thoroughly tested in terms of performance and reliability. Modulight’s wafer processing facility is compatible with GaAs and InP based materials of 2″–4″ size; most of our processed wafers are 3″. All the processing steps are controlled and recorded by Modulight Database (MLDB) according to our quality policy, supporting full traceability.

The processed wafers are cleaved into arrays of individual emitters, laser bars. The facets of bars are passivated and coated to achieve a certain reflection on the front and back. The arrays are then used as bars or further diced into single emitters.

Modulight chip development path:

1. Fill in the custom product inquiry

2. Modulight will schedule call to review requirements with customer

3. Agree joint development project

4. First prototype design and joint validation

5. Design update or production ramp-up

6. Volume production scale-up

Modulight laser diode development project phases

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    Case example: epitaxial and device-level development, productization and ramp-up

    A new customer reached out to Modulight to start a project where Modulight would develop a novel semiconductor laser chip, for building pump modules. Modulight managed the development project, which consisted of epitaxial and chip design, testing plan and test bench setup, several paralled design iterations, and marketing study to support productization. The customer received a “turn-key solution” laser chip product and ready-made product manufacturing plan with ramping-up of capacity plans. All this was done in or ahead of schedule and the customer could reach the market they targeted with this product.

    Case example: tailored laser diode, customized package

    Modulight’s long-time semiconductor laser customer  needed a new product for a biomedical well-plate reader but they didn’t know exactly what their target specification would be like. Modulight team offered their help and conducted a background-study  for this application and based on the findings could define the specifications for the laser, and the suitable sub-assembly to make it easier to incorporate that new product into the customer’s scheme. After that, a standard laser product development process was carried out, resulting in a tailored diode laser product, in the tailored package.