ML6600 – Cloud-powered Laser Solution Platform

ML6600 - Cloud-Powered Laser Solution Platform

ML6600 is an established product platform, originally launched in 2013. ML6600 can host different laser technologies (diode, fiber, DPSS). Specifications will be tailored to the application. Wavelength in the range from UV to 2+ µm, power from mW up to 100 W, and linewidths down to kHz.

Easy-to-integrate light engine

ML6600 is a compact, easy-to-integrate laser solution that can be flexibly tailored to various applications, such as Flow Cytometry, Semiconductor Metrology, Quantum Computing, Diagnostics, Genetics, and various medical applications.

It’s well suited for medical system integrators, as it’s designed in accordance with IEC 60601-1 norm. This will speed up the certification process. The lasers and the system are manufactured in ISO13485 certified fab.

The platform supports preventive maintenance with predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms, powered by Modulight Cloud. The network connection can be established via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or cellular connection.

ML6600 platform can host multiple lasers of different wavelengths, or simply just one wavelength. When ordering, you may request any combination of wavelengths from the below tables, or ask Modulight sales team for more options from the wavelength range UV to 2000+ nm. The laser light output comes conveniently from fiber pigtail or receptacle fiber with a standard SMA-905 connector. Other connectors are available per request.

As a part of the light engine, Modulight can provide customized optical solutions for laser beam delivery and shaping.

Subsystem or stand-alone

For system integrators ML6600 is available as a subsystem which can be directly controlled by analog and digital control signals, through RS422, RS232 or Ethernet.

ML6600 can also act as a stand-alone version, which comes with a PC software with elegant graphic UI.



Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry is a widely used method in biomedical research to detect, characterize, and sort particles such as cells as they are suspended in liquid and pass in a narrow line across laser beams. Lasers are used for illuminating samples in flow cytometry because they provide very focused, noise-free, and monochromatic illumination.

Semiconductor Metrology

Non-destructive optical measurement technology offers ultra-precise measurement and analysis for medical, semiconductor and electronics industries. Non-contactless high precision distance, thickness and other dimensions measurements can play essential role in device quality control process.

Quantum computing

Laser light sources are at the heart of quantum networks, enabling photons to act as carriers of quantum states. Modulight offers the required extreme level of accuracy, control, and innovation for delivering the solutions for tomorrow’s quantum computers – starting from a single laser to complex and powerful solutions by using the Modulight decades of knowledge.


Fluorescence diagnostic imaging is a fairly new technique that utilizes a photosensitizing compound to visualize only specific tissue structures upon illumination with certain wavelength of light. The benefits of fluorescence imaging lay in high detection sensitivity, specificity, and spatial resolution and it is considered a great addition to traditional white light endoscopy (WLE).


The most widely used sequencing platforms rely on optical detection of the four bases of DNA. The bases are conjugated to different fluorophores that emit specific color when excited by the laser light (both green and red lasers are used). Typically each laser excites two different fluorophores that have overlapping absorption spectra.

Key features

  • Wavelengths: UV to 2000+ nm
  • Power range: up to 100 W, depending on the wavelength
  • Individually addressable laser channels with multi-wavelength support
  • Laser output from a combined fiber with SMA-905 connector, or alternatively a separate output fiber for each channel
  • Integrated control, cooling and driver
  • Supports analog and digital control
  • DC power input
  • Anodized aluminum case
  • PC user interface with easy and elegant controlling of each built-in laser
  • Can be supplied with beam delivery and beam shaping optics


  • The flexibility of the ML6600 platform allows tailoring according to your needs with a short turn-around time.
  • Mechanics of the ML6600 platform can be tailored to match the application requirements, and it enables drop-in replacement of existing laser sources.
  • Predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms enable preventive maintenance of the laser system. This reduces the unplanned downtime of your product and increases the throughput.
  • True plug-and-play experience both for system integrators and stand-alone version users.

Cloud Connectivity

Specifications for multi-mode lasers

Multimode: Visible wavelengths

Wavelength 405 nm 425 nm 445 nm 450 nm 488 nm 520 nm 532 nm 561 nm 577 nm
Power 1.5 W 250 mW 3 W 3 W 4.5 W 1.5 W 3 W 2 W 1 W
Wavelength 630 nm 635 nm 638 nm 652 nm 658 nm 662 nm 665 nm 670 nm 680 nm 689 nm
Optical Output Power 3 W 4 W 6 W 5 W 6 W 6 W 6 W 6 W 6 W 6 W

Multimode: Infrared wavelengths

Wavelength 753 nm 810 nm 915 nm 980 nm 1064 nm 1122 nm 1375 nm 1470 nm 1550 nm 1927 nm
Optical Output Power 10 W 20 W 50 W 20–100 W 20 W 20 W 30 W 15 W 20 W 20 W

For other wavelengths and/or power levels, please contact Modulight

Specifications for single-mode lasers

Single-mode: Ultraviolet wavelengths

Wavelength 266 nm 281 nm 290 nm 302 nm 355 nm 357 nm 395 nm
Optical Output Power 10 mW 50 mW 30–70 mW 70 mW 10 mW 10–30 mW 100 mW

Single-mode: Visible wavelengths

Wavelength 405 nm 423 nm 445 nm 455 nm 459 nm 483 nm 488 nm 532 nm 556 nm 578 nm 632,8 nm 640 nm 650 nm 660 nm
Optical Output Power 100 mW 100 mW 100 mW 100 mW 100 mW 100 mW 100 mW Up to 1 W 100 mW 100 mW 100 mW 100 mW 100 mW 100 mW

Single-mode: Infrared wavelengths

Wavelength 760nm 780.24nm 784 nm 935 nm 976 nm 1040 nm 1131 nm 1310 nm 1500 nm 1550 nm 1650 nm 1762 nm 1930 nm
Optical Output Power 300 mW 300 mW 300 mW 300 mW up to 1 W 2 W 100 mW 100 mW 100 mW 2 W 30 mW 2 W 2 W

For other wavelengths and/or power levels, please contact Modulight

ML6600 Case Examples

Customized ML6600 for Flow Cytometry

  • ML6600 platform based multichannel flow cytometry solution.
  • ML6600-based illumination module was integrated into larger customer system and communication protocol was implemented via UART. System enables generation of eight 1000 x 200 µm lines to the microfluidic device on top of illumination optics. Fluorescence detection is performed from under the cartridge to minimize the need for separate optical assemblies.

Light solution for Fluorescence Imaging

  • Example configuration has an excitation light source, and an adjustable white light source with large dynamic range:
  • Red 635 nm 0-1000 mW
  • Green 520 nm, 0-1000 mW
  • Blue 405 nm, 0-1000 mW
  • Precise power control also at the lower power range enables usage of different illumination modes such as white light, fluorescence, and overlay
  • Excitation light with central wavelength at 488 nm for fluorescein excitation. Other options include e.g., 785 nm ICG or IR800, 635 nm 5-ALA, or 689 nm IR700X
  • Active de-speckling method was implemented to decrease speckle contrast ratio at the sample

Next generation ophthalmic PDT laser

  • Next-generation ophthalmic laser created for retinal treatments
  • World’s first iPad controlled medical laser, based on ML6000 series products
  • The 689 nm laser light is formed into a uniform circular spot by Modulight laser beam shaper, which can be used with all common slit lamps
  • Connection to Modulight cloud enables remote diagnostics and safe storage of treatment logs

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