ML8500 – automatic biomedical illumination

ML8500 - automatic biomedical illumination

Automatic biomedical illumination – If the video above is not shown please click here to view it.

ML8500 is an automatic biomedical illumination kit that works seamlessly with Modulight’s ML7710 biomedical laser or optional internal ML6600 series lasers.

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Modulight customers are using our in-vitro products as their everyday tools helping with their research by providing controlled and repeatable illumination. Read an application note about in-vitro cell viability and dose escalation study done for a cancer cell line.


ML8500 is a great tool for sequential illumination of multi-well sample plates and optional fluorescence imaging/measurement. Fully automatic system takes care of the rest. Operating the biomedical illumination kit is very easy with an intuitive touch-screen interface and a programming through simple Excel® spreadsheet.

ML8500 illumination system can be equipped with 0-4 internal ML6500 lasers or 0-2 internal ML6600 laser. In addition, up to 9 external fiber inputs may be connected to rear panel fiber ports. Typically the external laser is ML7710 that supports up to 8 laser channels but also other Modulight ML6000 and ML7000 series lasers are supported.

The system supports multiple illumination stations that illuminate different sized areas in the sample. For example, one station can be for Petri dish that is up to 95 mm in diameter and another for 96-well plates that illuminates each well separately with specific duration and intensity. Different illumination stations can be delivered for various well plates (24, 96, 384, 1536 wells) and a total of 4 illumination stations can be fitted in one system.

Accessories & services

ML6600 laser modules can be integrated into ML8500.

ML6000 series (ML6600, ML6500) for internal integration of laser light

Cylindrical and frontal diffuser fibers

Different medical fibers can be used.

Laser accessories include protective eyeware

Other spare parts.

Device can further be equipped with CO2 incubation for optimized cell culture productivity. Internet connectivity enables remote diagnostics and 24/7 remote support as well as low cost upgrades. We expect to upgrade the software for this product for several years to come and provide those free of charge to all eligible customers if they so choose.

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biomedical illumination system ML8500 by Modulight

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Safety Information

400-2000nm 1-50W 4The laser light emitted from this laser device may be visible or invisible, depending on the laser selected. The laser light is harmful to the human eye. Avoid eye and skin exposure to the beam, both direct and reflected. Products are subject to the risks normally associated with sensitive electronic devices including static discharge, transients, and overload. Please ensure ESD protection prior to handling the products. The devices have built-in software and hardware based safety features required for medical purposes.



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